Delightful Frysian Menu for only €19,50!

Every Frysian Restaurant® in the Frysian Woods is surprisingly different!

Enjoy in the Frisian Woods the unique Frisian kitchen at a very attractive price. Order a Frisian Menu at a Frisian Restaurant®. This contains a set menu of two or three courses for only €19,50.

The three courses Frisian Menu consists of an entrée (including soups), main course (meat, fish, vegetarian, pancake or biological) and a dessert. If you decide in favour of an even more special two course menu, you can make a choice out of an entrée or a dessert around the main course.

Tremendous variation
Every participating restaurant offers his own menus, but the price is the very same: €19,50 for the two course- as well as the three course menu. The menus are on the website

Fryslân Fans
The participating restaurants have been selected by the Friesland Holland Tourist Office on originality, quality and courtesy, as well as on willingness to promote the province of Fryslân as a leading culinary destination. Because that’s what Friesland is all about: splendour and delicacy!

Note the window sticker!
You will recognize the restaurants, hotel-restaurants, eateries and beach pavilions offering a Frisian Menu by the Frisian Menu window sticker, showing the red plate with the waterlilly motif and cutlery. The sticker also mentions the year of acknowledgement.

The most delicious website!
All the participating catering establishments and their Frisian menus are on the most delicious site of the Netherlands. Bon appetit!